Ways to Incorporate the Concepts of Surrealism into Your Art

Paintings in Dubai, UAE

There is no right and wrong when we talk about incorporating surrealism into our artwork. However, there are many artists who find it difficult to do that. For you to add surrealism successfully into your artwork, you must be able to free your mind and try to capture dreams. Once you have done that, you can easily come up with a well-crafted piece of art with surrealism in it.

I agree that the execution is difficult, therefore, I have come up with some approaches that I’ve been using to create surreal artwork of my own.

Set Your Mind Free

One thing you must know while creating the unique art is that you don’t need to please anyone else other than yourself. Since you don’t have to please a customer, your aim here should be ‘self-satisfaction.’ Many people fail to set their minds free because they stress themselves to create something extraordinary. I believe a great piece of an artwork should come out itself from the unconscious mind, you should not struggle with it. To avoid this problem, try to relax and let your imagination take over. Try to focus on other things, you can go for a walk, watch TV etc… and see you will unexpectedly come up with a great idea.

Try To Capture Your Dreams

Once you have an idea that you want to execute, you need to capture that before you totally forget about it. You can try the following;

Sketch: Draw a rough version of your imagination on a piece of paper so that you don’t forget about it. A rough layout is what you need.

Now that a sketch is created, your next step should be to decide what style you want to follow. Let’s say there is an artist you really like and all his style of art is just amazing, what you can do is download some of his artwork and use it as a reference image that you can follow to create your piece of art following his style of art.

Create a Mindset

Remember, when you are working on creating your artwork, it does not always come out the way you want. But, don’t let this scare you and you definitely don’t need to back off. You can always come up with a better artwork next time. Take it like an experiment. At the end, it’s all about learning new things as an artist.


Surrealism is all about playing with your imagination, it does not have to look real because it is not real. So, try to set your mind free and play with your imagination, and I am sure you can come up with a great surreal art of your own. Surrealism is perfect for artists who want to create a fine line between real and unreal. Your one and only tool here is your imagination.

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